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After this second article, professionals completed a moment brief questionnaire which included an identical issues while the earliest toward research of perpetrator. A final part concerned participants’ level of governmental attract, political thinking-placement towards ten-section leftover–correct continuum, intercourse, ages, part of home and training.

Players was basically at random assigned to certainly one of half dozen experimental requirements derived on the 2 (perpetrator’s intercourse) ? step three (restoration strategy) between professionals factorial framework.

Most of the strategies did within this data was in accordance with the ethical requirements of your own national lookup committee along with the 1964 Helsinki endments.

Assessment of one’s governmental actor

Players stated the around the globe thinking with the make believe politician into the a great 10-part level (step one = totally negative in order to ten = entirely positive) double, after in the T1 (post-scandal) and once on T2 (post–protective impulse). The efficacy of the fresh defensive strategy when you look at the fixing reputation is seized through the improvement in investigations of protagonist.

Comparison of your own politician’s communality and you will service before and after their otherwise her reason of your scandal

The latest respondents evaluated new scandal culprit with the a good 5-part measure anywhere between 1 (not really) to 5 (considerably) double, immediately after following the scandal (T1) as soon as following the perpetrator’s protective response (T2). Members rated the fresh culprit to the three adjectives for every single for the communality aspect (truthful, practical and you may empathetic) and you will service dimension (calculated, competent and you will good; elizabeth.grams., Bauer 2017 ). The fresh new indicator constructed on the suggest factors hit satisfactory precision: ? communality blog post-scandal = 0.80; ? communality blog post-reason = 0.74; ? institution blog post-scandal = 0.63; ? institution post-justification = 0.67.


Preliminary regression analyses like the politician’s appeal, respondents’ sex, respondents’ political orientation, respondents’ amounts of need for politics and you may respondents’ standard regarding the comparative trustworthiness of women and you will guys don’t give one head nor communication effect on brand new founded parameters. As such, they will not meet the requirements during the further analyses.

We tested H1 using a 3 (type of defensive tactic) ? 2 (perpetrator’s gender) ANOVA on the global attitude toward the politician after his/her defensive reaction including the previous attitude (T1) as a chat room no registration nicaraguan covariate. The hypothesised two-way interaction between the independent variables proved to be the only significant effect, F (2, 185) = 6.06; p = 0.003; ? 2 p = 0.06 (Figure 1 ). Further inspection of this interaction revealed that the ‘diffusion of responsibility with accusation of another person’ was effective only when used by the man, simple slope = 0.11, SE = 0.04, 95% CI [0.03, 0.19], whereas the ‘excuses with claims of mitigating circumstances’ was effective only when used by the woman, simple slope = 0.09, SE = 0.04, 95% CI [0.00, 0.17]. Finally, contrary to our expectations, ‘mortification with request for forgiveness’ did not vary its efficacy as a function of the politician’s gender, simple slope = 0.00, SE = 0.04, 95% CI [–0.08, 0.08].

Indicate in the world attitude for the a great scandal perpetrator because a purpose of his/the girl gender together with verbal strategy regularly guard him/herself.

Regarding H2, the ANOVA including the agentic and communal dimensions measured at T2 as a repeated factor (and those measured at T1 as covariates) revealed the main effect of the repeated factor, F (1, 184) = 9.13, p = 0.003, ? 2 p = 0.05, signalling that the defensive reactions were globally more effective in improving the perpetrator agentic traits (M = 0.30, SD = 0.17) than the communal ones (M = 0.27, SD = 0.18). This analysis also elicited the two-way interaction between the type of defensive tactic and the repeated factor, F (1, 184) = 9.13, p 2 p = 0.14, indicating that the ‘diffusion of responsibility’ improved the evaluation of the perpetrator on agentic traits more than the other defensive tactics, that did not differ from each other at the LSD post-hoc test, whereas none of the tactics differed from each other as for the efficacy in improving the perceived perpetrator communality. In addition, the two-way interaction between the gender of the politician and the repeated factor, F (1, 184) = , p 2 p = 0.15 showed that the defensive reactions, irrespective of the type, improved the communality traits of the female politician (M = 0.31, SD = 0.19) more than those of the male one (M = 0.23; SD = 0.17), simple slope = 0.06, SE = 0.02, 95% CI [0.02, 0.10], whereas they were equally effective in improving the agentic traits of the male politician (M = 0.32, SD = 0.18) and those of the female one (M = 0.28, SD = 0.16), simple slope = 0.04; SE = 0.02, 95% CI [–0.01, 0.08].

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